Our History

Our mission is to reveal the likeness of Christ’s character and to labor for the enlargement of His Kingdom through genuine Christian fellowship, heartfelt Biblical worship, meaningful small groups, compassionate community outreach, regular evangelistic meetings, and effective discipleship. The ultimate goal of all ministry is to encourage genuine conversion and spiritual growth in the lives of people.

Pastor Doug Batchelor preaching at the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church PlantRegular followers of the Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church broadcasts will have heard mention of plans for that church to move from its present location in Sacramento. To be specific, only some of the church will be moving.

The original plan was to sell the current facility, and invest those assets in building a new church at a new location. After many months of discussions and prayer, the plan became to keep the current facilities, while at the same time moving forward in cooperation with Amazing Facts in building a new church facility in Granite Bay, just north of Sacramento. Amazing Facts and Sacramento Central Church have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship for years and Central Church plans to continue this partnership by leasing part of the new Amazing Facts facilities in Granite Bay for its services and offices, etc. As the capitol of California is experiencing explosive growth, more of Central’s members are moving to outlaying suburbs such as Granite Bay and the surrounding areas. Moreover, the communities around Granite Bay are among the fastest-growing in California, thus providing excellent evangelistic opportunities and making Granite Bay an ideal choice for a new facility.

After several years of prayer and research, God lead to a beautiful piece of property in Granite Bay, situated on a hilltop complete with a small lake, trees, meadows, and a spectacular view of the Sacramento skyline which can never be obstructed by other area building projects. The new location is on Sierra College Blvd. and has easy access from Interstate 80 and Highway 50.

Due to many environmental issues one faces in California, the project (as of July 2010) is still approximately two years away from completion of phase one, at which point moving to the new multi-purpose facility will be conducted while momentum and resources will launch us into phase two, the construction of the main sanctuary.

Enter the Granite Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church plant!

In late 2007, in preparation for the establishment of a new church in Granite Bay, a group of dedicated members from Central Church became involved in a church plant mission holding services in a rented facility just down the hill from the new facility property. With God’s tremendous blessing and the prayerful, dedicated efforts of all involved, more than two hundred people already attend weekly services and related ministry activities in the Granite Bay, Folsom and Loomis suburbs. Our services continue to grow each month as we faithfully prepare the harvest ground for the gospel work ahead. Upon completion of the new church facility “up the hill”, the established church plant fellowship will move into the new facilities.

Sacramento Central Seventh-day Adventist Church is currently one of the most visible Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the world, providing Sabbath School, worship and evangelism training programs for thousands that might otherwise have no church programming. The pastoral staff and members are committed to faithfully proclaiming the three angels message in this last generation, and we sincerely believe these new modern facilities will greatly enhance our ability to broadcast the wonderful message of Jesus to a perishing world.

While a large percentage of Central members have either shown interest in or have already relocated to the new church plant, many continue to attend services in the current facility providing opportunities for new growth in both locations. Sacramento Central has also expanded their pastoral staff to provide for the dedicated shepherding of both groups.

Please remember to keep both Sacramento Central and Granite Bay churches in your prayers as we continue to move forward with this exciting church plant and church facility process.