Book Ministry

The distribution of religious books and the Word of God has always played a vital part in the Christian church.

The Waldenses of the Piedmont Valleys, in Italy, produced hand-written copies of the Bible–their greatest desire being to share its treasures with others. As itinerant merchants, they traveled from place to place in their Alpine valleys, and in the regions beyond. Wherever an interest was aroused they either sold or left portions of the Word of God, often at the price of their liberty or of their lives. Thus the seeds of the Reformation were sown.

At Granite Bay church, we believe in continuing this important tradition through the free distribution of religious literature. Once a month, members are encouraged and given the option of taking home a “shoe box” full of books containing the vital truth of God’s Word. Carrying them in their cars, purses, briefcases and more, they are then led by the Holy Spirit to share these books with those they come in contact with. A simple, yet powerful way of sharing the love of Christ in these last days.

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